Sunday, January 14, 2007

Totally Eighties

I was given "Trivial Pursuit: Totally '80s" for Christmas. Last night was the first night we played it. It was pretty easy, but lots of fun to play while watching the Saints and Eagles in the background. The categories are: Headlines, TV, Movies, Music, Sports&Leisure, and Wildcard.

Here is a sample card, and borrowing from Kimota94 - there are "blog points"tm up for grabs:

HL: What firm set a record for profits on Wall Street in 1986 thanks to Michael Milken's shady dealings?

TV: What show featuring the exploits of everyday folks was hosted by luminaries like Byron Allen, Mark Russell, and Fred Willard?

MOV: What stand-up comic played an old rich dude after Rodney Dangerfield backed out of Caddyshack II?

MUS: What critically panned song from The Woman in Red was Stevie Wonder's best-selling single ever?

S&L: What was the first home video game to let players take a bead on wildlife with Nintendo's patented "light gun" controller?

WC: What European lake was systematically swept by sonar cruisers in 1987's Operation Deepscan?


Kimota94 aka Matt said...

The only one I have a guess for is the video game: Deer Hunter?

I should know Milken's company but I'm drawing a blank. No idea on any of the other ones.

Peter J. said...


TV: Real People

MOV: Three possibilities, but I'm going to go with Jackie Mason.

MUS: Isn't She Lovely

Ditto on the blank for Milken, and agreed with Matt on Deer Hunter.

Tammy said...

HL: It pays to be a business student sometimes - Drexel.
TV: Candid Camera?
S&L: duck hunt duck hunt duck hunt!!!

cjg said...

HL: Merryl Lynch? (I know the biz student already answered right, but that's my guess).

TV: Candid Camera (guess)

MOV: ???

MUS: Isn't she lovely?

S&L: I couldn't remember "Deer Hunter" so I have no guess

WC: Loch Ness.

Jimmy said...

Correct Answers:
HL: Drexel Burnham Lambert (1 point for Tammy)
TV: Real People (1 point for peter j)
MOV: Jackie Mason (1 point for peter J)
MUS: I Just called to say I love you (nobody got this)
S&L: Duck Hunt (1 point for Tammy)
WC: Loch Ness (1 point for cjg)

Peter j: 2
Tammy: 2
CJG: 1

Vicki said...

Those were hard! Glad I'm lurking over here late. Just checking out your site based on Matt's 100 link.