Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Boom Goes the Dynamite

The December issue of Wired magazine has a couple of articles about YouTube and some of the problems Google will likely face in trying to turn the large viewership of YouTube content into revenue. It is often quoted that YouTube provides over 100 million streams a day...however, a majority (note YouTube founders dispute the use of that word) of those streams are embedded in other web pages. This means that, unless something changes static ads around the video window for YouTube content won't be seen by lots of people streaming the content. Furthermore, the rise of Mozilla as a browser means lots of people (including me) don't see the static ads on web pages because of great plugins like AdBlock. Putting ads at the beginning of the stream is something YouTube has said they wouldn't do in the past, and I think it would make the experience less inviting. Putting ads at the end of the content doesn't really work since people could (and would) simply stop watching the content when it's over.

I'm not sure what the solution is...but I'm sure Google has a plan - you have to have a plan before spending 1.65 BILLION dollars, right?

Anyway, in the Wired article, they mentioned one of the viral clips hosted on YouTube called 'Boom Goes The Dynamite'...I watched it (and embedded it below). I didn't find it that funny...but if you like laughing at uncomfortable situations and the mistakes of others here is possibly, the worst sportscast ever....


Tammy said...

I remember watching that video perhaps as long as a year ago. Awkward, but pretty hilarious.

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

I'm with Tammy: That was hiliarious!

Sure, I feel sorry for the young man, but I doubt anyone held a gun to his head and made him do a sports broadcast that he was so obviously ill-prepared for (although, if they did, that would go a long way toward explaining it!)

I want to know: has anyone posted an annotated list of all his mistakes anywhere? I mean, it's only a 3-minute clip but I easily counted close to a dozen screw-ups, and I wasn't even trying! And I'm not talking about the times he just gave up and stopped talking!

Anyone who enjoyed this clip and hasn't watched the great comedy film Broadcast News, with Albert Brooks' unforgettable turn in the anchor's seat, owes it to themselves to run out and rent it! Unbelievably funny, and probably the closest I've ever seen in fiction to what this YouTube video captured in the real world!

Has that fella become famous yet? Does he have a name that I should watch for as a possible new PopCultRef??

Tammy said...

"boom goes the dynamite" is probably the PCR in this case

Anonymous said...

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