Sunday, January 7, 2007

NFL playoffs so far

Nothing unexpected from the two wild card games yesterday.

Indy dominated a pathetic Kansas City team. KC should have done much better, but apparently their offense was unaware they were in the playoffs and failed to show up. Indy's defense performed well, but I think it was more an ineptitude from Kansas City (especially their offensive line) that made the game so one sided.

I only watched the last half of the Dallas-Seattle game (I've mentioned before that I care a lot less about the NFC, right). Two thoughts dominated my mind for most of the time I watched the game:

  1. These are two of the best teams in the NFC? Thank goodness I didn't spend much time watching Fox telecasts this season.
  2. Tony Romo is a Pro-Bowl quarterback? Huh? How is that possible?
Hopefully the games today will be a little more entertaining and well played. I'm anticipating much better games today...and hopefully I'll have time to watch them.

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Peter J. said...

These factoids from Harper's Index are only vaguely related to your post, but I figured if there's anyone who'd be interested in mathematical analysis of NFL football strategy....

Percentage of N.F.L. fourth downs on which teams are better off "going for it," according to a Berkeley study: 40

Percentage of fourth downs on which N.F.L. teams do go for it: 13