Sunday, January 21, 2007

David Gemmel's Rigante Series

I just finished reading a four book fantasy series by David Gemmell. These books were recommended to me by a friend and I really enjoyed the first two books. The last two books were OK, but not nearly as good as the first two. The series follows the Rigante clan of the Keltoi tribes. It is obvious to the reader that the Keltoi are analogous to the highlanders of Scotland. In the first two books, the focus is on the conflict between the Keltoi and the more 'civilized' people of 'Stone' - which is equally obvious as being the Roman empire. The second book follows the son of the main character from the first book. The third and fourth books happen much later in time - but are still focused on the Rigante but the new civilization they are up against are the Varlish - (based on the English). The overriding theme of all the books is that the more 'civilized' we become, the more we destroy nature and the 'magic' of the land. In the later books this theme was so obviously reinforced that I felt like I was being scolded by the author. In fact if there was another book in the series I probably wouldn't have read it.

Sword In The Storm: 3/4
Midnight Falcon: 4/4
Raven Heart: 2/4
Stormrider: 2/4


Anonymous said...

Interesting, I think the third in the series is easily the best, the wonderfully moving trial scene and death of Jaim being far more movein than any of the "herioc" battlescenes in the first two books. And what of the Moidart? A deeply complex and fascinating character, far more interesting than Jasaray. But either way, it is the best series that Gemmel has produced, except maybe the Jon SHannow books, which were pure works of genius.

Anonymous said...

Wow! you gave the 2nd book in the series 4/4 most people who have read them all saif that was the worst!!! I have to say that Ravenheart is the best...
But yes the overtones in the last book are very obvious!

Anonymous said...

I just finished that Rigante series.

I found each book to be better and more powerful than the earlier book unlike you.

When we now see the obvious impact that we have had on the environment, to say that he lectures to us is tired beyond words.

I note you play chess. So do I.

One day you will meet the village-fool. I wonder than if the quality of your chess is like the quality of your current review.


Anonymous said...

I seen the level of your chess games.

It is a laugh.

I will drag you through the garden of pain when we meet over 64 squares.


Anonymous said...

I have read them all and i am torn between the 1st and 2nd being the best, they have inspired me to start writing myself, especialy the 2nd.

Anonymous said...

I have also just finished reading the Rigante series, for the second time since I became acquainted with Gemmell's works. I absolutely agree with the 4/4 for Midnight Falcon - it was the best book of the series. I only just managed to get through the last two books, and insofar as it is to be bored whilst reading a book by Gemmell, I must confess I was! The last two were hell to get through - and as for the Moidart being so complex etc. he is no more complex than any other villain created by Gemmell - I think this just contests to the fact that you have way more books to read by David Gemmell. The first book irritated me because it was more of the same and it was very badly edited. Way too many short sentences... My favourite book will always be Dark moon!

Anonymous said...

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Shawn McLean said...

You're review skills: 1/4

Every book in this series was awesome, with midnight falcon getting a 5/4 because it was spectacular