Thursday, January 4, 2007


...what a frustrating day it was today at work. I can't even get around to writing the blog post I want to because I just keep thinking about it. So, instead, I'll blog quickly about what happened, hoping that the act of writing it down will clear it from my brain so I can sleep well and start tomorrow fresh.

So, last night I didn't sleep very much between doing some work, and Elliot not sleeping very much. I ended up getting about 75 minutes starting around 1AM, and then another 30 minutes around 3. Kelly relieved me at 5:30 when I took another 3 hours before going to work. This led me to have a fairly short fuse today which aggravated the situation.

I get in to work and find that an individual at another company is making false claims about me and my work in order to cover his own behind. I'm not sure how in detail I should go fact I may have crossed the line already...\

Suffice it to say, I was pretty frustrated. I got a chance to confront my accuser via tele-conference with our respective bosses present and it went OK. Although there were a number of issues I heard were raised in the morning that were never addressed in the afternoon call. I trust my boss will follow up on them though so that sort of thing doesn't go un-mentioned for too long.

Hopefully everything will be better going forward.


Kimota94 aka Matt said...

I heard he's also spreading rumours about you being a bed-wetter!

They are just rumours, right?

cjg said...

Don't use his chair after meetings...

cjg said...

I can't leave it with that - I hope you're getting more sleep. Like right now. Like I should be but am not. Think of it as me lending you sleep. I doesn't work, but you can imagine it does. Then maybe things will be better. Or not. Whatever.

Tammy said...

I'm sure that anyone who knows you personally (even in a work sense) knows that the allegations are completely false. I can't imagine you having a reputation less than oh say 99% perfect. Ok, 100%. Anyways, good luck on the sleeping.