Monday, January 1, 2007

How I Can Tell I'm Old

We turned on the TV last night at 11:45 to watch some of the New Year's Eve festivities. We started out watching CityTV which was broadcasting live from Toronto (Nathan Phillips Square, I think). Neither Kelly or I could identify the performer that was singing - and neither of us really cared for the song. So we switched to NBC where it seemed that Dick Clark had been rejuvenated. It turns out it was Carson Daly. I've heard the name before, but couldn't have placed a face to it before last night. Then the feature band at Times Square as "Panic! At The Disco" (only identifiable by the caption on the broadcast. I've never heard of them before, nor had I heard the songs they were performing.

Guess I'm just out of touch with pop-culture.


Tammy said...

I'm starting to feel a bit of that myself. I'm pretty good with the 'club' type of music, but when it comes to generic rock bands I haven't really kept up. But I was able to name the CTV band last night (Hedley, for anyone keeping score) and I know 1 Panic! song, which is better than usual for me.

cjg said...

Don't think that you're missing out much. I'm not terribly impressed with these bands - they are reviving the orchestral-pop sound from the 70's, so soon you'll be confused because it sounds familiar, but not so good ;)

Remember - you're not so old. Our generation is not the one who blew up the debt and ruined our retirement ;)

Ron Chu said...

Hey James,

Its cool to blog so youre not old. Nice to hear from you!