Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bathroom Shenanigans

This morning my daughter left the breakfast table saying she needed to go to the bathroom. However, after a few minutes I went up to check on her and the door was closed - which is unusual. I knocked and she said: "Just a minute, I can do it myself." A few minutes later I hear the flush of the toilet and her washing her hands. She came out and proudly said "look at the toilet paper". She had used the last piece and wanted to show off the empty roll. Unfortunately - that roll wasn't close to empty before she started. She had placed about a half a roll of toilet paper in the bowl...what a mess!

Then I realized why she had done it. Last weekend when we had guests over she went to the bathroom and used the last piece of toilet paper (because the roll was very close to empty). When she came back downstairs she announced that fact to us and our guests which elicited a big laugh. So Maya had associated using the last of the toilet paper with doing something funny.

I guess it just shows you, that you have to be careful in how you react to the strange things kids sometimes say.


tammy said...

I remember one time at a relatives when I was about 10 I held up my plate at the end of supper to proudly show that I had finished my meal (a rarity for me, to this day). As a result, 2 of my younger cousins held up their FULL plates and all of their food fell on the floor.

Ron Chu said...

That is quite cute. Im imagining your daughter frantically spinning the roll of TP into the wastebasket...