Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wireless Problems Solved

Thanks to Tammy for her suggestion...but after a little digging last night I figured it out.

There were three different programs all trying to help manage the wireless network settings, plus a 'helpful' app from Rogers.

The three network management programs were all getting in each others business and changing settings and stuff, so I uninstalled Network Magic (which came with the router), and disabled the Dell wireless software and just let Windows manage the device - simpler is better.

The Rogers app was a self-diagnostic app that ensured the network settings were correct in programs like Outlook and such and it could ping the right gateways, servers, etc. to make sure I could reach the Rogers stuff. I don't need it - so I uninstalled that too.

Now it's working like a dream.

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cjg said...

My rule with software for standalone devices is "don't install it". Software from ISPs I never install. All these things have keepalives, talk-backs, ping-backs etc etc that are useless and take up bandwidth. They use up memory on your machine and interfere with the network.

Routers are especially standalone - they should not need support from a computer, so I would never install their hardware. I've been very happy with Linksys (and when appropriate) Cisco routers. Yes, I know they are the same company, so I should say IOS routers.