Thursday, February 1, 2007

Football is Almost Over

SuperBowl XLI kicks off at VI:XXV this Sunday (Feb IV)'s my all too brief analysis and prediction.

The Colts have arguably (that's so cliche - and easy to say!) been the best regular season team in the league for the past 3-5 years and have finally managed to put their playoff demons behind them and make it to the big game. Not really because of Peyton Manning - more so because of the ineptitude of their opponents and the surprisingly effective Colts defense. Manning still seemed like he had 'happy feet' and has definitely not been throwing with his normal 'laser like' accuracy.

The Bears also have been winning despite the play of their QB. The NFC championship game against the Saints was pretty close until Reggie Bush taunted Urlacher on they way to scoring the last Saints touchdown (and entered the end zone with a completely unnecessary flip). From that point on, it seemed like the Saints angered the "Football Gods" and nothing went their way.
The Bears have won a bunch of games this year with big plays on special teams and defense. I think they'll need to continue that trend to overcome the Colts.

Almost everybody I've read is picking the Colts. And for that reason, I'm going to go against the grain and pick the Bears. I think they'll get a lucky score on either a kick return or a turnover. And I think their defense will hold the Colts offense in check...long enough to frustrate Manning and he'll self destruct under the pressure to finally win his SuperBowl ring.

The Prediction: Bears XXIII - Colts XVII

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