Monday, February 26, 2007

Computer Free Weekend

I just completed a computer free weekend for the first time in as long as I can remember. After coming home from work on Friday, I didn't turn on my computer (or any other computer) for the duration of the weekend.

This was partly because of a challenge from my wife saying that I was addicted and couldn't go 24 hours without checking my email, and partly to try to take a complete break from work this weekend, because I know this coming week is going to be busy and I want to be fresh and re-invigorated.


Vicki said...

Maybe you could be on a reality TV show! I'd noticed something this week about a couple with two little babies going a week with no electricity for non essentials (no dishwashers, no laundry machines)!

cjg said...

I seem to have stumbled upon some simple methods for not using the computer:

- let the computer get into bad state that blue-screens often. Kinda discourages usage

- Sleep more

- Get outside with the kids more

These things all help make it so that I don't do nothin' online. I mean, look at my blog and you'll find a whole lot of nothing. Nothing recent anyway.

Anyway, bully for you! Keep it up!