Monday, February 19, 2007

Damn Wireless Connection

Since switching my ISP from Bell Sympatico to Rogers Yahoo! my wife's computer has had a very flaky wireless connection. We've got the same wirelese router hooked up (some cheap DLink thing), but for some reason, with the new ISP her laptop sometimes detects a second wireless network (named 'roxy') and when it does, it disconnects from my network and asks which network I want to connect to.

She's using Windows XP, and my network is set to automatically connect. It's the first (and only) network listed as preferred. Yet every time she's online for more than 20 minutes or so she'll drop the connection at least once.

Now she equates my geekiness with being able to solve this problem...but I'm stumped. Anybody out there with any suggestions?

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Tammy said...

If the problem is that she keeps switching to the Roxy network, wait until this happens, open up your network connections and disconnect from that network. It should now say "Manual" instead of Automatic under it. Even if it's not a preferred network, the computer will still randomly connect to it sometimes unless you specifically tell it otherwise. If not that, maybe it's a Rogers problem?