Monday, February 26, 2007


So I did my taxes yesterday - at least a first cut of them. Despite being a computer geek most of the time, I do my taxes with pencil and paper...and, sickly, enjoy doing them that way. Maybe I'm cheap, but why would I spend $30 or so on software that will fill in a few numbers, do some simple arithmetic and file my taxes for me when I can do most of that myself almost as easily?

Anyway, I couldn't finalize them because I haven't got my RSP receipt for January and February of this year yet - but I know what the amount is, so why not fill out the forms ahead of time, right.

It turns out that this year I had almost exactly the correct amount of taxes deducted. My refund comes to $33.08, which means the income tax withheld by my company was 99.91% accurate.

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