Friday, November 24, 2006

See Emily Play

OK...not Emily exactly...starting tomorrow there is a 'Man Vs. Machine' chess match featuring Vladimir Kramnik against Deep Fritz 10.

Kramnik is the current FIDE World Chess Champion and the 14th Classical Chess Champion (like boxing Chess has splintered due to political/organizational disagreements and there are multiple 'titles' a player may hold). He is coming off a successful defense of his Classical Chess Championship against Vesselin Topolov and is playing better than he has in three or four years.

Deep Fritz 10 is the latest offering from and is sure to prove a mighty opponent for Kramnik. At the championship, Fritz will be running on a standard Intel PC with 4 processors.

The format is 6 games over 11 days of play. I don't think Kramnik stands much chance of winning. In fact I'll make a prediction that he will win 1 game and draw 2.

You can follow the action online at either playchess or at the official site.

1 comment:

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

Nobody can make something really boring sound... well, less boring...... like you can!

Hopefully you'll post regular updates on this AI (Artificial Intelligence) vs AI (Annoying Individual) battle royale!