Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Green is the Colour

Yesterday there was a federal by-election in my riding (London North-Centre) and for the first time I voted for a party other than the Conservatives/Progressive Conservatives. That's right - I went green. My former MP (Liberal Joe Fontana) decided to resign his position to run for Mayor of London and lost to the incumbent Anne-Marie DeCicco-Best.

The real candidates for the by-election were:

  • Glen Pearson (Liberal): a former fire-fighter and founder of the London Food Bank
  • Dianne Haskett (Conservative): the former mayor of London
  • Megan Walker (NDP): I know very little about her, but I think she may have been a former broadcaster or journalist of some kind
  • Elizabeth May (Green Party): The Leader of the Green Party of Canada
I didn't vote for the Conservatives because, as the former Mayor Dianne Haskett showed intolerance and disdain for gays/lesbians by trying to stop the Gay Pride parade.

I didn't vote for the Liberals for a couple of reasons. The Liberal party seems very arrogant. I can't stand Dalton McGuinty and the provincial Liberals because of their complete disregard for their election promises and the Health tax. That feeling bleeds to the federal liberals. And I didn't even get to the corruption rampant through the former Liberal federal government.

I'll never vote for the NDP.

So that left Elizabeth May and the Green Party. They campaigned fairly. The leaflet I read describing their policies seemed reasonable. And she is the leader of the party.

I always expected the Liberals to win - which they did with almost 35% of the vote. However, I was pleased to see the Greens came in second with almost 26% of the vote. Congratulations Glen Pearson on winning, and to you too Elizabeth May on a well run campaign and a bright future.

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tammy said...

I voted Liberal because that's just my party (I agree with their policies, and was raised this way) and I also really liked Pearson. I think the whole corruption issue has been spun way out of control by the media, like nearly everything else these days. And taxes are good :)

But I really like the Green party as well.