Monday, November 27, 2006

See Emily Play #3

Game 2 in the Man vs Machine match ended in a win for the Machine.

Kramnik had black and it started with a fairly strange opening focusing on the Queen side. It looked even to me for the majority of the match, then Kramnik made a slight mistake in his defense which Fritz took advantage off without mercy. It ended with a Queen/Knight mating net on the black King.

Score so far: Fritz 1.5 - Kramnik 0.5

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Vicki said...

Matt is now linking all over the place! I had to check out his statement that all of your blog entries are Pink Floyd titles....well that can't be....what if you run out of titles? What will you do. Just worried.
But now that I'm here...interesting posts about Chess. I had to read them all. I'll have to check back on the outcome.