Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Raving and Drooling

The Nintendo Wii is AWESOME!!!

A co-worker brought one in today and I played Tennis, Golf, and Boxing on it. It was so much fun! The controller is great. Golf was by far the best and most enjoyable. Boxing seemed a little confusing and I wasn't sure that all the motions I made with the controller were being recognized. It was still fun, but I felt a little self-conscious "shadow" boxing in front of a group of people sober. I only played one point in a Tennis match and there was a big lag between my swing and the character swinging. I'm sure you'd get used to it with more practice though.

I know what's on my Christmas list now.


Kimota94 aka Matt said...

So I should buy a Wii in addition to the PS/3 I'm waiting to get? Should I buy an XBox 360 while I'm at it? Do they offer a price discount if I buy all 3 at once??


Jim Hinckley said...

If only buying one, I would definitely test drive both the PS3 and Wii first.

I'm only going to get the Wii because the PS3 is soooooo much more.