Tuesday, December 5, 2006

See Emily Play #7

Well it's over. Kramnik lost with the black pieces today. His strategy of simplification at all opportunities by exchanging pieces was effective in that he managed to draw 4 games (and could have drawn the second if not for overlooking a mating attack by the computer) . He fared much better than Mickey Adams did against Hydra a couple of years ago.

The Fritz 4.0-Kramnik 2.0 score matched my prediction, but I envisioned a win and two draws for the human instead of four draws.

Kramnik walks away with half a million dollars and his reputation intact despite losing to the machine. It was unfortunate we didn't see him go all out with some sort of sacrificial exchange might have worked or might have failed quickly in the final game since he had nothing really to lose - a draw didn't help his cause. But that would have been against his style.

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