Saturday, December 23, 2006

Free Four

As in "One Two Free Four Five"...

Here are the five things not many people know about me that Peter suggested here:

  1. I think of myself and am generally considered to be pretty good at math, but on the first two tax returns I submitted (ages 14 and 15) there were 'calculation errors' that Revenue Canada found and corrected on my behalf. Only if math teachers did that too :(
  2. I have had my appendix, gall bladder, wisdom teeth, and tonsils removed.
  3. I prefer a tray of cold cuts, fresh bread and a 'make your own sandwich meal' to pretty much any other kind of meal. It is always my choice when asked what I want to have to eat for a family get together - to the point where nobody asks me anymore.
  4. I suck at first person shooters and real time war strategy games.
  5. I believed in Santa until I was 9.

1 comment:

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

Very cool! Filling out Income Tax returns at 14 and 15... why?

I see that was post # 49, so that means you only have one more Floyd song title to worry about, and then you change things up?