Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Online Pseudonyms

As loyal readers of this blog know (both of you) - I like to play chess online at I've been playing in a few tournaments and doing OK - but I've been on a losing streak in the past couple of weeks. But that's not really the point of this post...the point is that most people on that site (and most gaming sites as far as I can tell) don't use their real name, but rather some sort of pseudonym or handle. Even in the blogosphere (damn, I thought I'd never use that term), people shroud their identities with handles - see Jim Hinckley (my former alias for posting comments), Kimota94, The Man From Mars, etc.

Anyway, on Chessworld my handle is currently, the o-so original, "James Hindle" - my real 'meatspace' name. I'm playing against people like "Kingcrusher", "KillerLee", "phys-glue-stick", "MrFishy", "Metroline Busman", and so on...

I think it's time to change my handle - so I'm open for suggestions. Here are some I'm considering:

  • Jim Hinckley
  • The Artist Formerly Known as James Hindle
  • The Human Calculator
  • 4A4D48
(Oh and a blogpoint for the suggester of the chosen nickname, and 2 blogpoints for anyone who knows how I came up with 4A4D48)


50454A said...

I'm sad to say, JiM Hinckley, that I'd gone ahead and figured out 4A4D48 before I even got to the fact that you were giving out blogpoints for it. Didn't even have to look it up. :)

How about Sigma6 or Abdab?

Jimmy said...

Very geeky of you - I'm impressed.

Also - the suggestions are great too - If Abdab is taken, I could always go with Architectural Abdab.

Tammy said...

A or C.

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

I vote for "Jim Hinckley", for obvious reasons.

However, here are a few more suggestions, just for laughs:

1) I_P_Knight-Lee

2) The_Stale_Mate

3) Check_This

4) Can_I_Still_Castle

5) Hindles_Horsey

6) The_Horseys_Ass

7) Bishop_22

8) Pawn_Takes_Queen

9) Rather_Be_Castling

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

OK, I thought of a few more:

10) Hindles_Handle

11) The_Jimminator

12) Kimota94_Fan

Jimmy said...

I think Kimota94_Fan may be the winner.

I'll have to check if it is already taken, however.

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