Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Goodbye Peasy

The big news from the NFL this week was that the Steelers let their pro-bowl linebacker Joey 'Peasy' Porter go. He was almost immediately picked up by the Miami Dolphins. Over the past couple of years, Joey Porter has been a defensive captain and the best linebacker in a group of great linebackers.

I'm not a big fan of Porter's off-field antics and the amount of trash he talks - but it works for him and he's been a very effective player in the past. I'm sure now that he's no longer a Steeler I'll like him a lot less...although he'll always be a part of their Superbowl XL championship team.

The Steelers will get on without Porter, just like they did when they let Kevin Green, Greg Lloyd, and Levon Kirkland go in the 90's.

In other Steeler news, they resigned my favourite defensive lineman: Aaron Smith! This makes me much more positive about their future. Smith is an amazing athlete. In the 3-4 system the Steelers play, the role of the defensive line is to occupy the offensive blockers to allow room for rushing linebackers yet Smith always seems to make a few key stops a game and is always around the ball. He can stop the run and pass rush. An all around great player.

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