Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And the blogpoints go to...

... PeterJ, Kimota94, and Vishrut all of whom got the correct answer to the simple quiz posted the other day.

And for a twist, the new question is English based instead of mathematical.

For each of the following two letter pairs, the person that finds the longest English word that both starts and ends with the letters gets a blogpoint. Example: "ER" -> "Eraser" would qualify (but it probably isn't the longest valid word.

1) "AL"
2) "DE"
3) "RE"


Kimota94 aka Matt said...

1) Alphabetical is my opening gambit...

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

2) Denude, just because I can't yet think of any long words starting and ending with "de"

3) Restore, just so I can get 3 guesses out there before anyone else.

But I'll try to think of longer words for each...

Peter J. said...

OK, I think I can up the ante a bit:

1. allomorphological
2. deoxyribonucleide
3. repertoire

I checked and the last two appear in Google, although the first doesn't; I stand by it, though, as a word describing a category of things similar to allomorphs.

Roopak Majmudar said...

Sounds like it's going take a little thinking to one-up PeterJ for 1) & 2).

For the third however,

3) Refactorable